February 27, 1997


Release # 97-073

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Bayco Products Inc. of Dallas, Texas, (formerly of Richardson, Texas) recalled over 11,400 fluorescent work lights. One of the light's metal screws can contact an internal live wire. This can give the user of the work light an electric shock.

Bayco Products is aware of one consumer who received an electric shock while using the work light. The lights measure 9.25 inches long with a twin-tube fluorescent bulb located inside a tubular, clear plastic case. The tubular case has yellow plastic end caps and a metal hook attached. Only model numbers FL-600, FL-650, SL-600, SL-605, and SL-650 sold under the brand names SmartLite and RiteLite are involved in this recall. The lights come with a 20-foot or 50-foot electrical cord, and some come with a retractable reel for the electrical cord. The model number is located on a silver tag attached to the retractable reel. Lights without retractable reels display the model number on the original box.

Fluorescent Work Lightst

The work lights are packaged in a blue or black cardboard box labeled in part, "Fluorescent Work Light with Retractable Reel...Stays Cool in Use...Tough Impact Resistant...On-Off Switch." A picture of the light appears on the box top.

Automotive, hardware, and home improvement stores sold the work lights nationwide from June 1995 through July 1996 for about $30 to $70.

Consumers should immediately stop using the lights and discard or destroy them. The company can no longer be contacted, and so a remedy is no longer available.