September 25, 1996


Release # 96-190

WASHINGTON, D.C. - CPSC, The Toro Company of Bloomington, Minn., is voluntarily recalling approximately 6,500 TORO Wheel Horse Yard and Garden Tractors as well as Ford and New Holland brand LS 25 and LS 45 Gear Yard Tractors. The tractors' brakes may wear out prematurely, eventually leading to brake failure. As a result, consumers could be injured if they lose control of the tractors.

Toro has received reports of two consumers who each broke a foot after losing control of their tractors.

This recall and repair program affects TORO model 72040 tractors with serial numbers ranging from 4900001 to 5999999; Ford or New Holland model LS 25 Gear tractors with serial numbers from T4A0001 to T4A1201, and T5A0001 to T5A0617; and Ford or New Holland model LS 45 Gear tractors with serial numbers from T4C0001 to T4C0581, and from T5C0001 to T5C0168. The model and serial numbers are located on the fender underneath the seat.

TORO and New Holland dealers sold the six-speed riding tractors nationwide under the names "TORO," "Ford," and "New Holland" from January 1994 to May 1996 for about $2,000 each.

Consumers who own recalled TORO tractors should contact the nearest TORO Service Dealer to have the brakes modified at no charge. For information on how to locate a TORO Service Dealer or for more information about this recall, consumers should call Toro at (800) 348-2424 from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time.

Consumers who own recalled Ford or New Holland brand LS 25 or LS 45 Gear tractors should contact the nearest New Holland Service Dealer. For information on how to contact a New Holland Dealer, consumers should consult the owners assistance page in their operators manual for the name or number of their closest New Holland branch. If the manual has been misplaced, consumers should look in the yellow pages under "Tractors" for the nearest New Holland dealer.

This recall involves tractors purchased before May 1996. The brakes on tractors purchased after May 1996 were modified prior to sale. Consumers who are unsure whether their tractor was modified should contact the nearest appropriate brand dealer for a free inspection.