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CPSC Warns Of Toy Chest Hazard

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Recall Date:
February 25, 1974

Recall Details



February 25, 1974


Release # 74-013

WASHINGTON, D.C.(Feb. 25) --The Consumer Product Safety Commission today urged purchasers of a particular toy chest to return the chests to the retailer where they were purchased for a full refund.

The toy chests, manufactured by the Jackson Furniture Corporation, Jackson, Tenn., were sold by 40 retailers, including Sears, Roebuck and Company, who sold the chest through its catalog.

Tile action came after the chests were reportedly associated with the death of one child and serious injury to another in separate incidents. The accidents apparently resulted from the children's heads being caught between the front of the case and the top of the chest.

Some 13,000 of the chests were manufactured by Jackson Furniture, and 95 percent were sold through the Sears catalog during the past four years. The Consumer Product Safety Commission believes most of these are still in the hands of consumers.

The CPSC notified Jackson Furniture Corporation and Sears last November 7 that the chest was involved in the accidents. The death occurred September 3, 1973, and the serious injury January 1972. Jackson discontinued production, and Sears took the items off sale November 21. Jackson issued a national announcement on November 26 advising its retailers to take the chest off sale.

The Sears chests can be identified by their padded 3-inch top and come in three colors--yellow, orange, and walnut finish-- with a side print design of lambs and daisies. The Sears catalog listed the chest under model numbers 88063, 88064, and 88065.

Sears will continue to refund the full price of the chest in accordance with company policy. A redesigned chest with a lighter and flat lid is now being sold in the Sears catalog. This redesigned chest is not involved in the above action.

The Jackson Furniture Corporation, who sold similar chests to 39 other retailers, stated that it will refund the full wholesale price to retailers for return of the chests.

The chests are identical in construction to the Sears chests except for a pale yellow metal frame with sides and top decorations in a series of white, green, and yellow circles and star patterns.

The name of Jackson Furniture Corporation is located on a fixed tag inside the chest. The chests are listed by Stock No. 9023 which is stamped on the packing carton but not on the chest itself.

The CPSC has commended Sears and the Jackson Furniture Corporation for their action.

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