Release date: January 21, 1975
Release number: 75-012

Release Details

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced today a proposed amendment to the Standard for the Flammability of Children's Sleepwear, sizes 7-14, that would require all sleepwear items manufactured . on or after May 1, 1975 to have affirmative labeling stating that the item complies with the Federal Standard. Also included in the announcement was a decision by the Commission to withdraw its findings of possible need for amendment with respect to three other proposed changes mentioned in the Federal Register notice dated May 1, 1974.

The Commission has proposed that affirmative labeling be required to enable consumers to distinguish, at the time of purchase, complying from non-complying items of children's sleepwear. The Commission has proposed further that the labels be prominently displayed on the garments either by use of a hang tag, on the item itself, or on the package enclosing the item. The affirmative label requirement runs for a period of three years to allow time for non-complying garments to be phased off the market. Only complying sleepwear can be manufactured after May 1, 1975.

In addition the Commission has withdrawn its finding of possible need to amend the Standard with respect to: the possible need to define the term "manufacture" to clarify which items of children's sleepwear in the production/ distribution chain on the effective date of the Standard must comply; the possible need to clarify which items are to be considered "in inventory" and "with the trade" on the effective date of the Standard and therefore exempt: and the possible need to allow in special cases an exception to testing under oven-dry conditions under the Standard.

With respect to the first two proposed amendments, the Commission has withdrawn its proposal to amend the Standard in favor of issuing a policy statement clarifying the definitions of the terms "manufacture" and "in inventory" or "with the trade". With respect to the third proposed amendment regarding testing under oven dry conditions, the Commission withdrew its proposal.

Comments on the proposed labeling requirement and policy statement should be addressed within 30 days to the Office of the Secretary, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Washington, D. C. 20207.

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