Release date: January 7, 1975
Release number: 75-008

Release Details

The U.S. Consumer Product Commission today officially proposed for public comment Federal Register a change in the effective date of the new mandatory bicycle regulations from January 1, 1975, to 120 days after publication of the final regulations. Also proposed for comment are four amendments to the original regulations issued on May 10, 1973, by the Food and Drug Administration and originally finalized on July 16, 1974, by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The Commission had announced the proposed changes on September 16, 1974.

A Commission spokesman said the January 1, 1975, effective date would have placed undue economic hardship on industry and would not have provided sufficient time for redesign and retooling to make the modifications needed to comply with the new regulations.

Three of the amendments published for comment concern technical provisions relating to bicycle footbrakes, chain guards and handlebars. The stem-to-fork clamp test for handlebars and the chain guard requirements have been modified from the regulations the Commission issued on July 16, 1974, in the Federal Register. The fourth amendment would set a labeling requirement listing the name of the bicycle manufacturer or private labeler and the date on which the bicycle was made.

All interested parties or individuals are invited to submit written c&tunents on the effective date and/or the amendments to the regulations to the Office of the Secretary, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 10th Floor, 1750 K Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20207, before February 6, 1975.

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