Release date: September 6, 1975
Release number: 74-065

Release Details

This action on the part of the Commission follows two full days of open discussions--September 9 and 10--between Commission staff, consumers, bicycle manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers.

A Commission spokesman said the January 1, 1975, date, which had not at any time been subject to public comment, apparently would have placed an unreasonable burden on both domestic and foreign manufacturers in meeting certain of the regulation's technical requirements.

The Commission plans further to publish for comment those portions of the-bicycle regulation which the Commission believes represent substantive changes from the original proposal--published in May 1973 by the Food and Drug Administration. These referenced changes relate to coaster brakes, chain guards, and the front wheel/handlebar attachment.

In addition, the Commission will propose for comment a mandatory "date of manufacture" labeling requirement to be effective May 1, 1975.

The Commission, convinced that the standard will result in greater protection to the public, urges manufacturers to incorporate the safety requirements proposed in the standard at the earliest possible date.

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