Release date: August 16, 1974
Release number: 74-060

Release Details

In response to an invitation printed May 28 in the Federal Register, two organizations submitted existing standards for Commission consideration and four organizations offered to develop a safety standard. After requiring minor modifications of their original offer, the Commission selected the Consumer Safety Glazing Committee to develop a recommended standard which could be adopted by the Commission as a mandatory Federal standard for architectural glass used in such places as windows, doors, patio doors and shower enclosures.

The Committee, whose members include industry representatives, labor, and the National Safety Council, will have until October 25 to complete the proposed standard.

The Committee has guaranteed the Commission that it will make every attempt to include at least one-third consumer representation on its twelve-member Management Committee that will oversee the development work. Consumers also will make up at least one-third of the membership on subcommittees that will examine the risks of injury associated with architectural glass, review and develop testing procedures and standards, and evaluate the environmental and economic impact of the proposed standard.

The Committee will attempt to select consumer representatives from those listed on the Commission's Consumer Roster as well as seeking other consumers across the country who would like to volunteer to participate.

The Commission will pay travel and per diem expenses of volunteers selected by CSGC up to a maximum of $14,175. The Consumer Safety Glazing Committee will bear all other costs of developing a recommended standard.

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