Release date: August 28, 1974
Release number: 74-062

Release Details

In a Federal Register notice published August 28, the Commission briefly summarizes its findings on some of the advantages and disadvantages of sampling plans and proposes a general policy on their use.

The policy statement affirms that cost and benefit to the consumer will be weighed, but states that sampling plans will not be used when nonconforming items could "adversely affect the safety of consumers to any substantial degree."

It is the view of the Commission that when a sampling plan is used, first preference will be to include it as part of a certification program. Second preference will be to publish the plan in enforcement regulations that accompany the safety standard, and, third, to incorporate the sampling plan in the standard itself.

The Commission notes that although 100 percent product testing would appear to provide maximum assurance of safety to consumers, cost or other considerations might argue against a requirement of 100 percent testing.

When a sampling plan is not used, online quality control and testing programs at various stages of production or product safety overdesign could be utilized to insure compliance with safety standards.

The Commission based its proposed policy in part on testimony presented by the public during two days of open hearings held on April 4 and 5 to examine various views on the use of sampling plans.

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