Release date: September 24, 1974
Release number: 74-066

Release Details

The Commission also announced the appointments of Edward B. Finch as Assistant to the General Counsel for Compliance Activities and Ms. Mary K. Ryan as Acting Director, Bureau of Compliance.

Mr. White has been serving as Acting Director, CPSC Bureau of Information and Education since the Commission's activation, May 14, 1973. He joined the Commission after serving as Director of the Injury Data and Control Center in the Food and Drug Administration. From 1968 to 1970, White served as Executive Director of the National Commission on Product Safety, the Presidential study Commission which recommended the establishment of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Mr. Finch has been Director of the Bureau of Compliance, and, in his new capacity, will assist the General Counsel and the Chairman in reviewing and evaluating proposed CPSC legal actions. He will also provide legal opinions to the General Counsel, Chairman and Commissioners on CPSC compliance activities. He joined the Commission upon its activation, May 14, 1973. Prior to that date he served as Assistant Director for Textiles and Furs and as head of the flammable fabrics enforcement section at the Federal Trade Commission.

Ms. Ryan joined the Consumer Product Safety Commission on May 1, 1974, and has been serving as Special Assistant to the CPSC Executive Director, for legal matters- She was formerly Consumer Counsel for the Cost of Living Council, and, prior to that, served in a similar capacity at the Price Commission.

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