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Labeling Requirements for Durable Infant or Toddler Products

Durable infant or toddler products must be permanently marked with specific labeling information, on the product and on the packaging. The chart below summarizes the specific labeling and registration information requirements that durable infant or toddler products must meet:

  Requirements Permanent Mark on Product Permanent Mark on Packaging * Postage-Paid Product Registration Card Attached to Product
1) Name of the manufacturer or private labeler X X X
2) Location (city/state) and date of manufacture X X X
3) Cohort information, such as a batch or run number X X  
4) Manufacturer contact information (U.S. address and telephone number, toll-free if available) X   X
5) Model name and number X   X

* If all of the required labeling information is visible on the product through outer or clear packaging, there is no need for the information to be on the outer package.

Items 1, 2, and 3 are related to the tracking label requirement, which requires a permanent distinguishing mark on the product and its packaging, to the extent practicable. For more information, including CPSC’s interpretation of what “to the extent practicable” means, visit our tracking label business guidance page.

Items 1, 2, 4, and 5 are related to the product registration form requirement. This requirement is designed to help improve the effectiveness and response rates for recalls involving durable infant or toddler products. For more information, visit our registration form business guidance page.


For more information, please contact the Small Business Ombudsman (SBO) team:

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