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Lab IDLab Name
15743A Laboratori s.r.l.
1653A&F (Shanghai) Testing Technology Co., Ltd.
1150A. E. Kirby Memorial Health Center
1206A.N.C.I. Servizi S.r.l. a socio unico- CIMAC Laboratories
1829Act Lab Czech S.R.O.
1154ACT Lab LLC
1233ACT Lab Taicang
1734ACT Testing Company Limited
1702AIH Laboratory, Inc.
1256AIJU (Asociación de Investigación de la Industria del Juguete, Conexa y Afines)
1319AJT Testing Services Limited(Guangdong) (formerly shown as AJT TECHNICAL Co., Limited(Guangdong))
1342AM Testing & Services, Inc.
1210Amlab Services Pte Ltd
1361Analytical Division of STC USA LLC (a.k.a. STC USA LLC)
1439Annray Testing And Certification(Guangdong) Co.,Ltd.
1162API Lab Testing Limited
1778Applied Lab
1030Applied Technical Services, LLC
1129Armstrong Forensic Laboratory, Inc.
1370Asociación de Investigación de la Industria Textil (AITEX)
1488Attestation of Global Compliance (Shenzhen) Std & Tech Co., Ltd.
1647Bay Area Compliance Laboratories Corp. (Fujian )
1403Berkeley Analytical
1573Best S.r.l.
1563Bestway Inflatables & Material Corp. Central Lab
1189Birmingham Assay Office
1412Bombay Textile Research Association
1480Bureau Veritas (Cambodia) Limited
1827Bureau Veritas ADT (Shanghai) Corporation
1541Bureau Veritas Certest srl
1169Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services Germany GmbH
1076Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services Vietnam Ltd
1116Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (Bangladesh) Limited
1404Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (CTG) Ltd.
1532Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (France)
1021Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd.
1492Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Quanzhou Branch
1055Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (H.K.) Ltd., Taiwan Branch
1639Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (Thailand) Ltd.
1037Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services India
1083Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services India Pvt. Ltd. (Bangalore)
1164Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services India Pvt. Ltd. Tirupur (India)
1416Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Jiangsu Co., Ltd.
1565Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Korea Co., Ltd.
1121Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Lanka Private Limited
1580Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Sdn Bhd
1018Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Shanghai Co., Ltd.
1377Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Shanghai Co., Ltd. - Nanjing Branch
1334Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Shanghai Co., Ltd. - Qingdao Branch
1594Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Shenou (Wenzhou) Co., Ltd.
1555Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Spain, S.L.U
1527Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Vietnam Limited (Hanoi Branch)
1012Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, Inc - Buffalo
1125Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, S.A. – Guatemala
1136Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, S.A. de C.V. - Puebla, Mexico
1039Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, Turkey
1013Bureau Veritas Hong Kong Limited - Kowloon Bay Office
1017Bureau Veritas Shenzhen Co., Ltd.
1232Bureau Veritas Shenzhen Co., Ltd., Dongguan Branch
1080Bureau Veritas Singapore Pte Ltd.
1161Bureau Veritas Testing Technical Service (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.
1289BV Consumer Products Services Pakistan (PVT) Ltd.
1758C.Q.T. srl
1537Calcoast - ITL
1104Cambridge Materials Testing Limited
1676CCIC (Shenzhen) Environmental Service Co., Ltd.
1680CCIC Physical and Chemical Testing Co., Ltd
1242CCIC Southern Testing Co.,Ltd.
1409Center Good-Testing Service (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.
1741Centre Testing International (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
1002Centre Testing International Group Co., Ltd.
1359Centre Testing International Group Co., Ltd. Shunde Branch
1033Centre Testing International Pinbiao (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
1759Centre Testing Certificate Co., Ltd Guangdong
1584Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal
1070Centro Tessile Cotoniero e Abbigliamento S.p.A (Centrocot)
1598Centro Tessile Serico Sostenibile srl
1520Certified Laboratories DBA Micro Quality Labs, Inc.
1479CertifiGroup, Inc.
1244Certintex S.A.C. (Lima - PERU)
1160Chemserve Environmental Analysis
1006China Dragon Inspection & Certification (HK) Ltd.
1622Chinatesta (Shenzhen) Testing Services Co., Ltd.
1266CIATEC, A. C.
1478CIERRE srl
1268CITEVE - Technological Centre for the Textile and Clothing Industries of Portugal
1009CMA Industrial Development Foundation Limited
1431CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories (Shenzhen) Limited-(Yubiao)
1306Commercial Testing Company, Inc.
1681Comolab div. Qualità e Logistica srl
1566Compliance Control Institute(Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd
1794Compliance Control Lab (Dongguan) CO., LTD.
1500Consumer Testing Technology Co.,Ltd (China, Fujian)
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