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Press Statement from Chairman Elliot F. Kaye Regarding Window Covering Safety Month

October 02, 2015

The move by IKEA and Target to sell only window blinds and shades that are truly safe for young children is a game changer. This is a bold step by IKEA and Target.  This is the exact kind of leadership and corporate responsibility that has been needed to end the decades of senseless and preventable deaths of children from window cord strangulations.  IKEA and Target are proving what we have long believed was possible: that consumers can shop for window coverings that do not kill children and find affordable options. The window covering industry has steadfastly denied that this was possible and they are being proven wrong.  I want to see more forward-looking, responsible manufacturers and retailers of window coverings do what IKEA and Target have done. Only then will the heartbreaking pattern of a child being strangled nearly once a month finally come to an end. It cannot happen fast enough as far as I am concerned.

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