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Statement from CPSC Acting Chairman Ann Marie Buerkle On Britax Settlement Involving BOB Jogging Strollers

April 03, 2019

The Washington Post article concerning the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s settlement with Britax is misleading. Comments by former commissioners or others do not change the facts.

The safety agenda of this important agency has remained the same---to seek the best solution in the shortest amount of time to help prevent unreasonable risks of harm to consumers. In this case, the diligent career staff of our agency negotiated and agreed to a settlement with Britax and recommended it to the Commission. The Commission approved the settlement upon the staff’s recommendation, keeping in mind the agency’s experience in valuing a settlement much sooner than a prolonged, protracted, and uncertain lawsuit.

Any attempt by individuals to spin the story otherwise is misleading and a disservice to our agency experts and all their efforts to find a solution that would improve consumer safety as quickly as possible.

The Britax settlement advances consumer safety. I urge those who own the strollers to take part in Britax’s education and information campaign. Consumers can find the many options being offered by Britax at or the BOBGear website.

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