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Generators and Engine-Driven Tools

Generator Danger Warning

  • CO from a generator is deadly and can kill you in minutes. One generator produces as much CO as hundreds of cars. It can incapacitate and kill consumers within minutes.
  • NEVER use portable generators indoors or in garages, basements, or sheds. They should always be used outside well away from windows, doors, vents, or any other opening.
  • Always have a working CO alarm in your house. 
  • Also, never burn charcoal grills indoors, even with ventilation. Charcoal also quickly produces deadly CO.


Generator On-Product Label

Generator On-Product Label

Portable Generator Hazards

Portable generator

Always use portable generators outside, far from the home. Never operate a generator inside a home, garage, basement, crawlspace or shed, or near a window or exterior vent.

Portable Generators Pose a Serious Carbon Monoxide Hazard

Illustration with a house and a generator outside the house.

Use portable generators outside only and far from your home. Never operate them indoors or in the garage.

Portable Generator-Related Carbon Monoxide Deaths

Carbon Monoxide death stats.

You don't run your car indoors; don't run your generator inside either.

Carbon Monoxide Doorhanger

Protect yourself from carbon monoxide when using portable generators.  Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas and can kill you. 

What to Know: Generators and CO

Illustration showing never to use a generator indoors, even in a garage with the door open

Using a generator indoors can kill you in minutes. Generator exhaust contains carbon monoxide. This is a poison you cannot see or smell. Only use a generator outside, far away from windows, doors and vents.

Stay Alive!

Post with 4 deadly hazards to avoid after a storm

Four deadly hazards to avoid after a storm.

Surviving the Aftermath of a Hurricane

Portable generator

Deadly dangers exist after a hurricane strikes. Safety tips on portable generators, candles, gasoline, charcoal and appliances.

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Carbon monoxide alarm

Inspect, detect and protect against odorless, colorless carbon monoxide poisoning.