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Bunk Beds

JUNE 03, 2008

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) staff is participating in voluntary standard activities for bunk beds. CPSC staff is currently working with the ASTM F15.30 subcommittee to address hangings associated with bunk bed corner post extensions and finials. The ASTM voluntary standard, ASTM F1427 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Bunk Beds, contains performance requirements to address hazards associated with falls from the upper bunk, entrapment, and structural integrity of the foundation support system. The standard also contains requirements for a warning label, manufacturing identification and consumer information regarding intended use of the bed.

The CPSC also enforces mandatory rules pertaining to bunk beds: 16 CFR Parts 1213 and 1513, Consumer Product Safety Standard for Bunk Beds. These rules reduce risks to children from being trapped between the upper bunk and the wall, in openings below guardrails, or in other structures in the bed.

From January 1, 1990 through December 31, 2002, there were 47 incidents reported to the CPSC involving hangings from bunk beds, not including entrapment hangings. Four of the incidents involved children who were hung from the corner post extensions or finials of the bunks beds. In an additional six incidents, it is known that the corner post assembly of the bunk bed was involved, but the specific area of the corner post involved is unknown. Thirteen of the incidents involved children becoming hung on parts of the bed other than a section of the corner post assembly. In 24 incidents, the part of the bunk bed that the child was hung from is unknown.

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  • Petition CP 03-1/HP 03-1 Requesting a Standard for Bunk Bed Corner Post Extensions and Finials

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