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Voluntary Recall Notices

Proposed Rule: Nov. 21, 2013


In this document, CPSC proposes an interpretive rule to set forth principles and guidelines for the content and form of voluntary recall notices that firms provide as part of corrective action plans under Section 15 of the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA). The Commission has issued regulations interpreting the requirements of section 15 of the CPSA. The existing regulations provide for notice to the public of the corrective action that a firm agrees to undertake. The regulations, however, do not provide any guidance regarding the information that should be included in a recall notice issued as part of a corrective action plan agreement. The proposed rule would set forth the Commission's expectations for voluntary remedial actions and recall notices, bearing in mind that certain elements of product recalls vary and each notice should be tailored appropriately. The proposed rule also would provide that, when appropriate, a corrective action plan negotiated under our regulations may include compliance program-related requirements.

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