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Testing of Component Parts


PROPOSED RULE: May 20, 2010

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (‘‘CPSC,’’ ‘‘Commission,’’ or ‘‘we’’) is issuing a notice of proposed rulemaking regarding the conditions and requirements for testing of component parts of consumer products to demonstrate, in whole or in part, compliance of a consumer product with all applicable rules, bans, standards, and regulations: to support a general conformity certificate or a certificate for a children’s product pursuant to section 14(a) of the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA); as part of a reasonable testing program pursuant to section 14(a) of the CPSA; as part of the standards and protocols for continued testing of children’s products pursuant to section 14(d)(2) of the CPSA; and/or to meet the requirements of any other rule, ban, standard, guidance, policy, or protocol regarding consumer product testing that does not already directly address component part testing.

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