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Viking Range Recalls Freestanding Gas Ranges Due to Risk of Gas Leak and Fire Hazard

  • Recalled Viking 5 Series Freestanding Gas Range – Model VGIC53024B
  • Recalled Viking 5 Series Freestanding Gas Range – Model VGIC53626B
  • Recalled Viking 5 Series Freestanding Gas Range – Model VGR5304B
  • Recalled Viking 5 Series Freestanding Gas Range – Model VGR5364G
  • Recalled Viking 5 Series Freestanding Gas Range – Model VGR5366B
  • Recalled Viking 5 Series Freestanding Gas Range – Model VGR5486G
  • Recalled Viking 5 Series Freestanding Gas Range – Model VGR5488B
  • Recalled Viking 5 Series Freestanding Gas Range – Model VGR5606GQ
  • Consumers CAN CONTINUE TO USE the top surface burners of the range, indicated by the green arrows, but SHOULD NOT USE the griddle and ovens, indicated by the red Xs.
Name of Product:
Viking 5 Series Freestanding Gas Ranges

The rigid gas tubing can separate at the joint to the bake, broil and griddle burners, posing a risk of a gas leak and fire hazard when these burners are in operation.

Recall Date:
February 16, 2022

About 3,050

Consumer Contact

Viking Range toll-free at 888-566-2512 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, at, or at and click on “Safety Recall Information” under “UTILITIES” at the bottom of the page, then click on “Freestanding Gas Range Tubing Recall” for more information.


Recall Details


This recall involves Viking Range Freestanding 5 Series Gas Ranges (models VGR and VGIC) manufactured between August 10, 2021 and December 1, 2021 and sold in stainless steel, white, and 14 other contemporary colors, which can be found at The ranges were sold in various surface configurations including all burners or burners with griddle and/or grill. 

Units with model numbers and the following prefixes and serial numbers beginning with the following date codes are included in this recall:

Model Numbers

Serial Number Date Codes


From 081021 to 120121


From 081021 to 120121


From 081021 to 120121


From 081021 to 120121


From 081021 to 120121


From 090221 to 120121


From 081021 to 120121


From 081021 to 120121


The model number for each unit is followed by a two-letter abbreviation that indicates the color of the unit. All colors, burner configurations, and gas types designated at the end of the model number are included. For example, base model VGIC53024B may include white units set for propane which would be VGIC53024BWHLP

The first six numeric characters in the serial number represent the manufacturing date. For example, a range with serial number 082421C10019872 was produced August 24, 2021.

The model and serial numbers can be found on a label in one of three locations: On the left side panel under the left front grate support/burner bowl, on the front of the oven cavity face frame below the control panel, or on the bottom of the control panel above the door. Consumers should not search for the model and serial number when the range is hot.


Consumers should immediately stop using the bake, broil and griddle functions to avoid a risk of gas leak and contact Viking Range to arrange for a free repair by an Authorized Service Provider. Consumers can continue to use only the top surface burners of the range. Surface burners are those covered by the cooking grates on the top surface of the range. The griddle and ovens should not be operated. 


None reported 

Sold At:
ABT, Ferguson, Best Buy, Pacific Sales, PC Richard & Son and other stores nationwide from August 2021 through December 2021 for between $5,220 and $19,300.
Viking Range LLC, of Greenwood, Miss.
Manufactured In:
United States
Recall number:
Fast Track Recall

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