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PBteen Recalls Bunk Beds Due to Risk of Injury

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Name of Product:
Beadboard Bunk Beds

The front upper horizontal panel on the bunk beds can crack or break, posing a risk of injury to the consumer.

Recall Date:
August 16, 2012
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Consumer Contact

For more information, contact PBteen toll-free at (855) 217-5223 between 7 a.m. and midnight ET daily. PBteen is contacting known purchasers directly.

Recall Details


This recall involves wooden bunk beds with beadboard paneling. The upper bunk, accessible by a four-step ladder, is designed for a twin mattress and the lower bunk for a full-size mattress. The bunk beds were sold in white, chestnut, dark espresso and honey, and have storage cubbies below the lower bunk. The product number is listed on the purchase receipt. A label on each of the bunk bed's parts lists that part's SKU number. SKU numbers included in the recall are:

SKU Description
Product Part  
9878901   Beadboard Bunk Bed Twin/Full: Sun Valley White
  9848672 Beadboard Bunk Rails: Sun Valley White
  9848748 Beadboard Bunk Lower Headboard/Footboard: Sun Valley White
  9848839 Beadboard Bunk Upper Headboard/Footboard: Sun Valley White
  9848987 Beadboard Bunk Ladder/Slats: Sun Valley White
  9849050 Beadboard Bunk Storage Box: Sun Valley White
9878976   Beadboard Bunk Bed Twin/Full: Sun Valley Honey
  9848664 Beadboard Bunk Rails: Sun Valley Honey
  9848722 Beadboard Bunk Lower Headboard/Footboard: Sun Valley Honey
  9848797 Beadboard Bunk Upper Headboard/Footboard: Sun Valley Honey
  9848920 Beadboard Bunk Ladder/Slats: Sun Valley Honey
  9849043 Beadboard Bunk Storage Box: Sun Valley Honey
5765458   Beadboard Bunk Bed Twin/Full: Dark Espresso
  4179412 Beadboard Bunk Bed Upper Headboard/Footboard:Twin/Full:Dark Espresso
  4185377 Beadboard Bunk Bed Ladder/Slats:Twin/Full:Dark Espresso
  4185286 Beadboard Bunk Bed Rails:Twin/Full:Dark Espresso
  4189411 Beadboard Bunk Bed Storage Box:Twin/Full:Dark Espresso
  4190393 Beadboard Bunk Bed Lower Headboard/Footboard:Twin/Full:Dark Espresso
5766084   Beadboard Bunk Bed Twin/Full Chestnut
  4179388 Beadboard Bunk Bed Upper Headboard/Footboard:Twin/Full:Chestnut
  4185336 Beadboard Bunk Bed Ladder/Slats:Twin/Full:Chestnut
  4185278 Beadboard Bunk Bed Rails:Twin/Full:Chestnut
  4189387 Beadboard Bunk Bed Storage Box:Twin/Full:Chestnut
  4190567 Beadboard Bunk Bed Lower Headboard/Footboard:Twin/Full:Chestnut
5766266   Beadboard Bunk Bed Twin/Full White
  4179362 Beadboard Bunk Bed Upper Headboard/Footboard:Twin/Full:White
  4185393 Beadboard Bunk Bed Ladder/Slats:Twin/Full:White
  4185294 Beadboard Bunk Bed Rails:Twin/Full:White
  4189403 Beadboard Bunk Bed Storage Box:Twin/Full:White
  4190542 Beadboard Bunk Bed Lower Headboard/Footboard:Twin/Full:White



Consumers should immediately stop using the upper bunk and contact PBteen. Consumers with the recalled bunk bed will receive a free, in-home installation of a replacement panel.


PBteen has received 13 reports of panels that have cracked or broken. No injuries have been reported.

Sold At: and through the PBteen catalog nationwide from January 2008 to April 2009 for the Sun Valley white and Sun Valley honey models, and October 2011 to February 2012 for the dark espresso, chestnut and white models. The bunk beds were sold for between $1,700 and $2,000.

PBteen, a division of Williams-Sonoma Inc., of San Francisco, Calif.

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