August 21, 2001
Alert #01-520

CPSC, LTD Commodities Inc. Announce Recall of Three- and Five-Wick Glass Oil Lamps

PRODUCT: Oil Lamps - LTD Commodities Inc. of Bannockburn, Ill. is voluntarily recalling approximately 5,300 three-wick and 2,900 five-wick glass oil lamps sold through its mail order catalog. The three-wick glass oil lamp has a mail order catalog code of GOV, and the five-wick glass oil lamp has the code GOY. The base of the lamp, black rods in a rectangular shape, supports the bottom glass of the lamp, which has a reservoir or well intended for oil. The top glass rests on top of this bottom reservoir glass, and contains three or five holes for wicks, depending on the model. (See picture below). The lamps were shipped in cardboard boxes on which are written the code, type of lamp (three or five wick), and "Made in China". The lamps were sold nationwide from May 2001 through June 2001 for between $8.95 and $12.95.

PROBLEM: If the glass sleeves are not properly secured around the wicks, or the wicks are not properly inserted, the top glass of the lamps could shatter.

INCIDENTS/INJURIES:No injuries have been reported.

WHAT TO DO:Consumers should stop using the recalled glass oil lamps immediately and contact LTD Commodities Inc. toll-free at (866) 736-3654 between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. CT for information on how to return the lamps to receive a refund.

LTD Commodities will notify consumers directly about this recall.
picture of recalled oil lamps