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CPC Example – Blanket

Disclaimer: The following is a fictitious example of a CPC for a children’s blanket where the certifier was not required to conduct testing but is required to issue a certificate. Any resemblance or similarity to actual persons or other real-life entities is purely coincidental.

We boxed in gray editorial information or other notes; these should not be considered part of an actual CPC. Download a PDF version of this example here.

Children’s Product Certificate

  1. Identification of the product covered by this certificate
    Yellow baby blanket

  2. Citation to each CPSC children’s product safety rule to which this product is being certified
    15 U.S.C. § 1278a – Total lead content
    Although the certifier is not required to test based on a determination, the product is not exempt from the certification requirement; therefore, the applicable safety rule must still be listed on a CPC.

  3. Identification of the domestic manufacturer or importer certifying compliance of the product
    Sam’s Blankets
    51 Blanket Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90010

  4. Contact information for the individual maintaining records of test results
    Jennifer Smith
    Sam’s Blankets
    51 Blanket Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90010

  5. Date and place of manufacture
    July 2022
    New York, NY, USA

  6. Date(s) and place(s) of testing
    16 CFR § 1500.91(d)(7)(i) – Determinations regarding lead content for cotton
    Although referencing the citation for determinations is not required, CPSC staff highly recommends including it on a CPC for ease of review. A third-party laboratory does not need to review or “test” products for potentially applicable testing determinations – the manufacturer or importer can make that assessment themselves; however, products must be compliant with applicable regulations.

  7. Identification of any third-party, CPSC-accepted laboratory who conducted the testing
Report an unsafe product