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Website Notification Guide for Recalling Companies

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When engaged with CPSC on a recall, companies must post recall announcements to all current websites. This announcement should link to a dedicated recall webpage (not to the general listing of all firm recalls).  CPSC staff can provide additional guidance if a company would like to use a standalone website (e.g., in addition to or instead of the company website. 

CPSC staff must review and approve all notices to be disseminated in connection with a recall or recall alert, including recall website/webpage content.

Website notifications are subject to the same requirements as the news release. Companies are also required to:

  • Clearly link recall announcements to the company website’s first-entry point, such as the consumer home page (not the corporate/shareholder site).  The dedicated recall webpage link should appear within the top 1/3 of the company’s consumer home page.
  • Include the words “recall” and “safety” in the link to the recall information. 
  • Include all available recall information in the news release.
  • Allow consumers to request the remedy directly from the website.
  • Convey any additional instructions that consumers need to receive the remedy in plain language and include photos or videos to explain the remedy process clearly.
  • Reflect recalls from mergers and acquisitions, ie. if the company is purchased or merges with another company, existing recalls must be included on the website of the new company or the acquiring company’s website with the original brand names. 

The CPSC strongly encourages companies to maintain their recall webpage(s) indefinitely.  After 120 days, or when the case is closed, companies may remove the dedicated recall webpage link from the top of the company’s homepage.  If the URL for the recall posting changes, firms must notify the CPSC immediately. Companies should check their recall link quarterly and ensure it is active. Any changes to the URL will be made on CPSC’s recall webpage.

CPSC considers it a best practice for all firms to maintain a recall landing page on their primary website or U.S.-specific website so consumers can readily find information on multiple recalls at the same time. A recall landing page lists all of the company’s recalls. Such a page should be easily navigable from the main page or from a relevant secondary page, such as a Customer Service page.

Website Registration

Website registration is a tool available to firms that enables consumers to register directly online for the recall.  Consumers can determine whether they have the recalled product by using this system.  Website registration provides firms with an updated customer list, decreases telephone traffic and holds times, and enhances customer satisfaction.  Some systems may be linked directly to social media posts. 

Here are examples of website registration:

Website Posting Examples

Here is an example of a website carousel:

Here is an example of a website button:


Here are examples of website banners:

Here is an example of a recall website with registration and link:

Here is an example of recall history listing:

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