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Recall Posters

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What are they?

Retail Notifications or “posters” provide continuous, public notice to consumers, informing them of product recalls at retail stores in public locations and/or at the point of purchase. 

Retail notifications/posters:

In certain circumstances, retail posters, or an appropriate alternative, can be an effective means of providing continuing notice of recalls to consumers at the locations where they shop, at the points of purchase, or at other locations where consumers will see them.

Guidelines for designing posters and counter cards:

  • Keep them BRIEF and eye-catching; in general, a poster requires far fewer words than a news release.
  • Describe the hazard, and tell consumers what to do.
  • Use color to make the poster stand out.
  • Use a print font, size, and color that provide a strong contrast to the background color of the poster.
  • Include the terms "safety" and "recall" in the heading.
  • Use a good-quality line drawing or photograph of the product, with call-outs identifying product information, such as model numbers and date codes.
  • Include the company’s toll-free recall telephone number in large-size type at the bottom of the poster.
  • Include the phrase, "Post until [date at least 120 days from recall announcement]."
  • Consider using posters with tear-off sheets that provide information on the recall for consumers to take home.
  • Use a QR code or other mobile scanning code to allow consumers to act on the recall immediately.
  • Use retailer’s app to disseminate recall information or add reminders.
  • Place posters at retail entrances, checkout counters, and at the location where regular or repeat purchase of the item is expected.

Before announcing a recall, the recalling company should contact the companies and individuals responsible for the locations where it wants to display recall posters and obtain permission to post from each company and responsible party. The company should explain the reason for the recall and the contribution to public safety that the posters provide. The company should also:

  • Advise retailers and other companies to place the posters in several conspicuous locations in their stores or offices, where customers will see them, e.g., the area where the product was originally displayed for sale, store entrances, waiting rooms in pediatric clinics, and service counters at repair shops. It is not advisable to place recall notices in a separate area specifically designated for customer service because consumers may not visit these areas, unless they have a problem to address.
  • Provide sufficient numbers of posters for retailers or others to display in more than one place in each store or location, and provide contact information for ordering additional posters.

(“Product Safety Planning, Reporting, and Recall Handbook”, p.24-25)


  • Use a tear‐away. Pads of paper attached to the poster with recall information for a consumer to take home.
  • Post at the cash register, bulletin board, entrance to the retail location or other high‐traffic areas.
  • Keep it simple, make it plain. Less is more when drafting the language for a recall poster.

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