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Window Coverings 15(j) Rule Business Guidance

Because of the risk of strangulation to young children associated with certain window covering cords, the Commission has determined that window coverings that do not meet applicable sections of ANSI/WCMA A100.1—2018 are a substantial product hazard under section 15(j) the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA). The determination adds stock and custom window coverings to the “substantial product hazard” list at 16 CFR §§ 1120.3(e) and 1120.3(f), respectively. A product on the “substantial product hazard” list is subject to the mandatory reporting requirements of section 15(b) of the CPSA. 15 U.S.C. 2064(b). A read-only copy of ANSI/WCMA A100.1—2018 is available here.

A “stock window covering” is defined as a window covering that is completely or substantially fabricated before being distributed in commerce and before any specific consumer request for that product. Products that are modified or adjusted by the seller, manufacturer, or distributor would still be considered “stock” if they were substantially fabricated in prior to distribution in commerce. See 16 CFR § 1120.2(f).

A “custom window covering” is defined as a window covering that does not meet the definition of a stock window covering.

Stock and custom window coverings must meet the following provisions, as applicable:

Stock window coverings only

Operating cords must be cordless (includes motorized operating systems), short (8 inches or less), or inaccessible.

Stock and custom window coverings

For products with inner cords, the inner cord must be inaccessible or too short to form a hazardous loop, when tested pursuant to Appendix C and D of the ANSI/WCMA standard. Tests in include:

  • Test procedure for accessible cords
  • Hazardous loop test procedure
  • Cord shroud requirements, as applicable
  • Inner cord stop devices or cord connector requirements, as applicable

Must have a permanent label or marking located within or on the headrail, or on the roller tube, of all finished window coverings identifying:

  • The readily distinguishable name, city, and state of the manufacturer or importer of record or fabricator
  • The month and year of manufacture
  • The designation of the window coverings as “Custom” or “Stock,” using a “C” or the word “Custom” or an “S” or the word “Stock,” as applicable
  • Customer order information (e.g., customer name or customer order number) to match the product with a specific order for custom window coverings

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