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Electrical Products (Household)

Hand-supported Hair Dryers

The Commission has determined that hand-supported hair dryers that are not equipped with integral immersion protection constitute a substantial product hazard. Read more about hair dryers here

Seasonal Lighting (Holiday Lights and Decorative Outfits)

Each year, individuals are seriously injured or killed by seasonal lighting, including holiday lights and decorative outfits, that use undersized wiring, use insufficient strain relief, or omit fuses. The Commission has determined that seasonal lighting that does not contain one or more of the three readily observable safety characteristics described above constitute a substantial product hazard. Read more about holiday lights here

Extension Cords

Fires or electric shocks can occur, and families and individuals can be seriously injured or killed, if extension cords fail to meet one or more requirements of the applicable UL standard, including minimum wire size, sufficient strain relief, proper polarization, proper continuity, covers for outlets (indoor 2-wire parallel cords with polarized parallel-blade and parallel-slot fittings), or jacketed cords (outdoor cords).  The Commission has determined that extension cords that are missing one or more readily observable characteristics, as set forth in the rule, constitute a substantial product hazard. Read more about extension cords here

Where can I get additional information?

For more information on the requirements for household electrical products, contact the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission:

  • Office of Compliance (for specific enforcement inquires): e-mail:; telephone: (800) 638-2772.

  • Small Business Ombudsman (for general assistance understanding and complying with CPSC regulations): e-mail: Please use our Contact Form, which is the best way to get a fast response; telephone: (888) 531-9070.


This communication has been prepared for general informational purposes only.  This summary document does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice nor does it replace or supersede a manufacturer’s obligations to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, standards, or bans enforced by CPSC. This communication has not been reviewed or approved by the Commission, and does not necessarily represent their views. Any views expressed in this communication may be changed or superseded by the Commission.

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