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Water Beads Can Cause Intestinal Obstruction and Lead to Death: Get Them Out of Your Home

September 13, 2023

Stop using water beads, get them out of your home immediately, and search any areas in which stray water beads may have unintentionally been scattered during play. CPSC is aware of at least one child who died after swallowing a water bead and a second child who was forced to undergo months of surgeries to clear the intestinal obstruction that occurred after she swallowed one.

Note that when not submerged in water, water beads can shrink to the size of grains of rice. However, if your child or pet swallows one, they will expand and can cause deadly intestinal obstructions.

Check your floorboards, in toy chests, and around the bathtub. If you purchased a Buffalo Games Chuckle & Roar Ultimate Water Beads Activity Kit, for a full refund: return the Kit to a Target store or contact Buffalo Games (call 800-637-0732 or email

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