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Otteroo Infant Neck Floaties Pose Drowning Hazard

November 22, 2022

Stop using Otteroo infant floatation rings and dispose of them immediately.  CPSC is aware of at least 68 incidents in which a baby’s head slipped through a partially deflated Otteroo during bath time and the baby needed to be rescued to avoid drowning.  Sadly, we know that one infant died from drowning; another was seriously injured.  CPSC is evaluating additional incidents to assess the Otteroo’s role.

            New parents are bombarded with advertising claiming that baby products of all kinds will make their lives easier and keep their babies safe.  Parents should know that CPSC does not evaluate those claims, which are often misleading.  Neck-floaties for babies are not recommended for water therapy, and are especially dangerous for babies with special needs.  

Before buying a new or used baby product, I encourage parents to check for recalls and to read consumer reports of injuries.

When tragedies strike, CPSC needs to know so that we can take prompt action.  Please report any incidents to us at

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