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CPSC’s Final Rule On Dresser Stability Fixes Hazard That Industry Ignored For Decades

October 19, 2022

CPSC’s rule takes one more hidden hazard out of American homes: unstable dressers that tip over and kill or injure children.  The furniture industry has known since at least 1998 that unstable dressers have been tipping over and harming children at alarming and unacceptable rates, yet it has refused to fix the problem.  Today’s final rule remedies industry’s failure.   

Over many years, CPSC urged industry to fix the problem itself—the agency shared safety data and called on industry to adopt improvements through voluntary standards.  Those efforts failed.  Following exhaustive research and testing, our staff proposed a binding safety standard in July 2021.  That standard is substantially identical to our final rule other than minor, logical changes to address commenters’ concerns and reduce the burdens of compliance.  Even during the rulemaking process, industry continued to pursue every avenue to delay our rule or weaken the result.  It failed.      

Today is a victory for parents, children, and advocates who have long sought strong safety standards to prevent lethal tip-overs.  When our rule takes effect, new dressers will be required to meet robust stability requirements.  And companies will be required to share safety information with the public in a clear and concise format.  I look forward to the safer furniture options that will be available to American families.  In fact, I will be among the first in line to buy a safe new dresser when they become available to protect my kids from tip-overs.


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