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Changes To Warning Label Do Not Improve The Safety Of Infant Bouncers

August 31, 2022

Today, the Commission voted to adopt an update to a rule governing inclined infant products that industry refers to as “bouncers.” I voted against the rule change because it fails to make the products safer.

In 2017, CPSC took an optional standard governing the safety of inclined infant bouncers and converted it to a mandatory rule. Recently, a minor change was made to the underlying optional standard that we had adopted—an alteration to the warning labels for the products. When that happens, the Commission is required to determine if the change improves the safety of the products.

The proposed changes to the warning label do not improve safety. While the update seems to relate to the risk of infants sleeping in the products, it does not change the design of the products to make them safe for sleep, and I see no evidence to suggest that the proposed warning label will change how consumers use these products.

In the future, I expect that voluntary standards bodies will provide all necessary evidence to demonstrate to the Commission that a revision to a product safety rule under Section 104 of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act improves safety.

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