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Statement of Chair Alexander Hoehn-Saric on Vote to Terminate EGL Motors, Inc.’s ATV Action Plan

June 26, 2023

On June 20, 2023, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) voted to terminate the ATV Action Plan of EGL Motors, Inc. The termination follows multiple Notices of Violations and EGL’s repeated failure to comply with its Action Plan. The company violated requirements on advertising to youth and failed to comply with warning and labeling requirements as agreed to in its ATV Action Plan. It also violated reporting requirements related to its dealer monitoring program.

Under the Consumer Product Safety Act, manufacturers and distributors of ATVs must meet certain conditions to legally import and distribute their ATVs in the United States. One of those requirements is that the manufacturer or distributor have an ATV Action Plan that has been approved by the Commission. EGL’s Action Plan provided for the Commission to terminate the Action Plan should EGL fail to comply with their obligations.

By failing to comply with their Action Plan, EGL put children at risk of serious injury or death. As a result of its violations, CPSC announced seven recalls of EGL ATVs to address the safety hazards caused by its violations.

If EGL wants to continue to import and distribute its products in the United States, the company should immediately resolve these issues and apply for a new ATV Action Plan. Today’s termination not only protects consumers against EGL’s hazardous practices, but also is a warning to other companies that do not take the safety of customers seriously. I thank CPSC’s staff who have worked tirelessly on this case.

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