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Medical Examiners and Coroners Alert Project (MECAP)

The Medical Examiners and Coroners Alert Project (MECAP) is a quick-alert system designed to collect timely information on deaths involving consumer products. We review and screen each fatality report. Some reports are even assigned for investigation. Learn more about MECAP.

Not sure whether to report a case? Send it in and we'll determine if the report is in scope.

Why is MECAP Important

  • Witnesses' memories of details are fresh. 
  • Products involved may still be intact and avaialble for testing. 
  • Prevention strategies can be implemented quickly. 

Benefits of MECAP

  • To teach and alert the public about unsafe usage of hazardous products,
  • To provide the opportunity to investigate an incident while the details of the incident are still fresh,
  • To network with colleagues on shared challenges,
  • To create a greater opportunity to remove hazardous products from the marketplace,
  • To receive an email newsletter about current MECAP topics,


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