Release date: 四月 12, 2021
Release number: 21-107

Release Details

WASHINGTON, D.C. –The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Maxtrade LLC are warning consumers to immediately stop using Maxtrade’s Coolster youth ATV-3050-C and ATV-3050-B models to avoid serious injury or death.  These youth ATVs do not meet CPSC’s mandatory safety standards.  Maxtrade halted all sales of the ATV 3050-C and ATV 3050-B immediately upon receiving notice from the CPSC.

The youth ATVs are intended for use by children ages 6 years and older, as demonstrated by the product dimensions and advertising by various retailers. However, the ATVs exceed the mandatory maximum speed limitations and other mandatory standard requirements for ATVs intended for children as young as 6.  This poses a risk of a high-speed crash that can result in serious injury or death, if used by young children.

The ATVs were sold online and at dealerships.  The online locations included,,,,, and  The dealerships included ABC Bikes & Toys & Motorcycles, Affordable Excitement, All Star Scooters, ATV Wholesale Outlet, Dallas Power Sports, Dirt Cheap Motorsports, Mooney Motorsports, Mopeds & More, Rebel Racing, Rock City Cycles, Sooner Cycles and Upstate Cycle.

Maxtrade distributed the ATV-3050-B from 2007 and the ATV-3050-C from 2008, until January 2021.  The model numbers of these youth ATVs are ATV-3050-C and ATV-3050-B.  Approximately 58,000 ATV-3050-C and 4,000 ATV-3050-B ATVs were sold since January 2016.

Maxtrade informed the CPSC it is working to provide a remedy to consumers.

CPSC and Maxtrade urge consumers to stop using the ATV 3050-C and 3050-B products immediately and to report any incidents to CPSC at