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Do You Import or Export Consumer Products to the U.S.?

Most consumer products under CPSC's jurisdiction are imported. CPSC works internationally on the development and alignment of consumer product safety requirements, inspection and enforcement coordination as well as consumer education and information dissemination.

What We Do

The goal of all of CPSC’s international activities is to ensure the safety of imported consumer products used in the United States. We pursue this goal by working with international partners to improve manufacturing and regulatory coordination and to encourage alignment of U.S. product safety requirements at a high level of safety.

Who We Work With

  • Governments, businesses, organizations and others around the world
  • The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Working Party on Consumer Product Safety
  • The International Consumer Product Safety Caucus
  • The Organization of American States's Consumer Health and Safety Network
  • CPSC Regional Programs

International Contact Information

Office of International Programs Email Telephone
Office Director
Richard W. O'Brien
Contact Form (301) 504-7054
Program Manager for Europe, Central / South America, Caribbean, and International Organizations
Tilven Marcela Bernal
Contact Form (301) 504-7309
Program Manager for East Asia / Pacific and Foreign Language Media
Sylvia Chen
Contact Form (301) 504-7662
Program Manager for North America, Brazil, and Training Exchanges
Arlene I. Flecha
Contact Form (301) 504-7052
Program Manager for Southeast Asia
Jane Schott
Contact Form (301) 504-7771
Program Manager for China
Steve Williams
Contact Form (301) 504-7307
Regional Product Safety Attaché, Asia Pacific
Contact Form +86-10-8531-3318
Regional Product Safety Specialist, Asia Pacific
Contact Form +86-10-8531-3319
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