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Neighborhood Safety Network Toolkits

Drowning Prevention

Pools are fun on a hot day and a great way to cool off, but they can be dangerous and tempting to young kids. Swim lessons, supervision and appropriate barriers are simple steps that save lives.

Child Safety

Keep kids safe in your home and your neighborhood. Find resources on child safety including information on helmets, furniture tipovers, magnets and more.

Multigenerational Fire Safety

Some families have three or more generations living together under one roof. Economics, shared responsibilities and support caring for family members make this an inviting option. Several generations living in a home increases the need for fire safe practices. Keep safety in mind for your family. Download our multigenerational fire safety toolkit

Carbon Monoxide

You can’t taste, see or smell CO, but it can kill in just minutes.

Older Adults

Older adults have concerns of their own, from falls to fire, and they’re the fastest growing segment of our population.

ATV Safety

ATVs are powerful, fast and potentially dangerous. Take knowledge to the extreme and learn the golden rules of safe riding.

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