August 17, 2006
Release #06-237

Firm's Recall Hotline: (888) 591-5053


WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.


Name of Product: 5-gallon sizes of "Zep Industrial Purple Cleaner & Degreaser," and "Zep Heavy Duty Floor Stripper"

Units: About 6,800

Distributor: Acuity Specialty Products Group Inc., a subsidiary of Acuity Brands Inc., of Atlanta, Ga.

Hazard: 5-gallon plastic pails containing the cleaning products can unexpectedly crack and leak from the base, posing a risk to consumers due to the corrosive nature of these products.

Incidents/Injuries: Acuity Specialty Products Group Inc. has received three reports of leaking pails. No injuries or property damage have been reported.

Description: "Zep Industrial Purple Cleaner & Degreaser" is a clear, purple liquid. "Zep Heavy Duty Floor Stripper" is a clear, colorless, water-thin liquid. Both products were sold in 5-gallon, white pails with large blue labels and blue lids. Each pail carries a batch code written on the side of the pail. Only the following batch codes are included in the recall:

- Industrial Purple Cleaner & Degreaser (HD0856), Batch Codes: 1607501, 1607601, 1608001, 1608101, 1608201, 1608601, 1608701, 1609001, 1609101, 1609401, 1609601, 1610101, and 1610301.

- Heavy Duty Floor Stripper (HD1071), Batch Codes: 1607401, 1607601, 1608101, 1608201, 1608301, 1608801, 1609001, 1609701, 1610001, and 1610201.

Sold at: The Home Depot nationwide from March 2006 through April 2006 for between $32 and $35.

Manufactured In: United States

Remedy: Consumers should stop using the recalled products and contact Acuity Specialty Products Group Inc. for information on how to receive a free replacement pail. Consumers with a leaky pail should place it inside another 5-gallon pail or large plastic bag, and then pour the remainder of the contents into a new container and label the product. Use gloves and eye protection when handling. Clean any spilled material by absorbing onto a solid absorbent and sweep up and discard it into a solid waste container. Rinse the affected area with clean water until no residue remains.

Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Acuity Specialty Products Group Inc. at (888) 591-5053 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. Consumers also can visit the firm's recall Web site at


Picture of Recalled Zep Heavy Duty Floor Stripper

Picture of Recalled Zep Purple Cleaner & Degreaser