Carbon Monoxide Poster Contest!

July 17, 2014
Alert! Middle school students wanted! Create a cool poster. Warn people about dangers of poisonous carbon monoxide (CO). Stop the invisible killer! Save lives! Win prize money!
A New Federal Safety Standard for Strollers and Carriages

April 29, 2014
To prevent injuries and to keep kids safe, CPSC has approved a new federal safety standard for strollers and carriages.
Prevent a Poisoning: Think Outside the Box

March 19, 2014
Think outside the medicine box and kitchen cabinets to all the rooms of your home. Items that go beyond the bottle are electronic products containing coin-sized batteries, single-use laundry packets and carbon monoxide emitters such as generators and furnaces.
Help Get the Word Out for Safety

September 30, 2013
Learn how to find and keep track of recalls and consumer product safety information on and through CPSC's social media.
Go Cordless on Your Window Coverings

September 27, 2013
Loose or looped window covering cords can strangle young children.
See How You Can Save 87 Children from Drowning in a Home

June 20, 2013
Did you know 87 is the average number of children under the age of 5 who drown each year, in and around the home? 80 percent happen in a bathtub. Find out how to stop it.
Toasted Toaster

March 25, 2013
If your kitchen appliance turns on by itself, you've got a safety problem. Tell CPSC at Plus, find out if others have experienced safety problems, too.
Toy Chopper Frenzy

March 25, 2013
Don't let safety problems with your toy battery charger spark a frenzy. If it happens to you, tell CPSC at And see if others have had safety problems, too.
CPSC Chairman: Baby Monitor Cords Are Serious Safety Issue

January 03, 2013
CPSC wants all parents and caregivers to know that baby monitors and their cords should always be placed at least three feet away from a child’s reach
Keeping Babies Safe

January 02, 2013
CPSC and child safety partners launch National Education Campaign on crib safety and safe sleep practices.