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Recall Effectiveness

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On July 25, 2017 CPSC conducted a workshop that brought together the general public, consumer groups, industry representatives, and CPSC staff to discuss ways to improve Recall Effectiveness.

Recall Effectiveness is the degree to which a recall is successful in improving consumer safety by producing the desired results, including but not limited to: (1) mitigation of the hazard, (2) notifying consumers of the problem, and (3) appropriately encouraging consumers to take action.

The following materials were produced from the workshop:

  • Recall Effectiveness Workshop Report (PDF)
    This document reports on the Recall Effectiveness Workshop, it provides a summary of the day’s activities, reaction to the workshop, stakeholder suggestions, and key findings. 
  • Consolidated workshop notes (PDF)
    This document is a consolidation of the notes from stakeholders during the open discussion forums of the Recall Effectiveness Workshop.
  • Workshop transcripts (PDF)
    Transcripts of the presentations and discussions are available for download.

CPSC’s work on Recall Effectiveness is ongoing. For additional information please contact Joe Williams, Compliance Officer at

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