Note: Serial numbers have been updated.

Recall date: 24, 2014
Recall number: 14-213

Recall Summary

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The bike's frame can crack at the hinge on the top tube, posing a fall hazard.

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The recall involves Link Uno, Link D7i, Link D8, Link P9, Link P7i, and Link P24h models of Tern brand adult folding bikes. These six models were sold in black/blue, black/green, black/grey, black/red dark grey/light grey, grey/orange and white/pink color combinations. “Tern” is printed on the front end of the top tube and on other portions of the frame. The model name is printed on the middle of the top tube. Recalled bicycles have a 10-character alphanumeric serial number that begin with either AI1133 through AI1137 or AI1149 through AI1213 stamped on the bottom bracket shell of the bike. An alphanumeric service tag number is located on the front of the seat tube and this number can be used to determine if the bicycle is affected by going to the firm’s website.

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Stile Products Inc., of Lakewood, Calif.


Stile Products Inc., of Lakewood, Calif.

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