Recall date: 18, 2013
Recall number: 13-218

Recall Summary

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Los asientos de baño no cumplen con normas federales de seguridad, incluidos los requerimientos de estabilidad. Específicamente, los asientos de baño pueden volcarse, lo que constituye un riesgo de ahogarse para los bebés.

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This recall includes Idea Baby brand infant bath seats. The recalled product is a bath seat designed for children five months to ten months old. The seat is made of pink or blue plastic and has four suction cups on the bottom. An oval-shaped arm rail runs from the seat back and connects two side posts and the seat front post. Two star-shaped spinning toys are on the front of the seat rail above the front post. Between the two spinning toys is a round, inset plastic disc with the words “,” “Idea Baby” and “Made in Italy.”  

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Liberty Procurement Co. Inc., of Union, N.J.

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