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Import Surveillance


About the Office of Import Surveillance


CPSC’s Office of Import Surveillance (EXIS) works closely with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to identify and examine imported shipments of consumer products. As part of this effort, EXIS has co-located investigators at ports of entry who work side-by-side with CBP staff. EXIS also works to educate importers, manufacturers, and Customs brokers on CPSC’s standards and procedures.

Director: James Joholske,, 301-504-7527

Deputy Director: Sabrina Keller,, 301-504-7697



Holiday Toy Safety: CPSC at the Ports




CPSC Safety 101 and Importing Overview


e-Commerce Assessment

The Office of Import Surveillance conducted an e-Commerce Assessment to forecast e-Commerce trends, understand the agency’s current capabilities relative to e-Commerce, and identify other stakeholder practices (including U.S. government agencies, foreign governments, and industry).
CPSC e-Commerce Assessment Report, November 2019


CPSC issues a Notice of Violation when there is a violation of a mandatory standard. These notices advise companies of the violation and of the nature of the necessary corrective action, which may include a recall, stop sale, or correction of production.

View the Notices of Violation

One U.S. Government Notification Messaging at Import

This document describes CPSC’s participation in One U.S. Government Notification Messaging at Import.
CPSC Participation in 1USG Notification Messaging at Import

eFiling Initiative

CPSC created the eFiling Alpha Pilot to support the strategic objective of increasing the Commission’s import targeting capabilities.
Summary report: eFiling Alpha Pilot Assessment and CPSC Staff’s Recommendations for eFiling Beta Pilot Staff Report

CPSC conducted an eFiling Certificate of Compliance Study to assess the correlation, if any, between the timing and availability of a Certificate of Compliance, the data provided on a certificate, and the violation rate in imported finished products.
eFiling Certificate of Compliance Study Assessment – August 28, 2018

CPSC wrote a report detailing Commission options for an eFiling Beta Pilot.
eFiling Options for Commission Consideration – June 2020

Guidance to Industry on CPSC ACE DIS Use:

The following guidance is to be referenced when documents are being asked to be provided on a shipment at the time of importation. It provides clear instructions to be sure that CPSC staff can retrieve documents out of the ACE DIS system.

DIS Filing Guidance for CPSC 2020

Frequently Asked Import Questions

CPSC Detention of Products at Import

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