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CPSC, Dollar Tree Stores Announce Wooden Toy Truck Recall

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Recall Date:
January 19, 1995

Recall Details



January 19, 1995


Release # 95-063

WASHINGTON, D.C. - CPSC, Dollar Tree Stores Inc., of Norfolk, Va., is voluntarily recalling about 178,000 wooden construction and educational toy trucks, imported from China. CPSC testing found that the toys contained small figurines and truck pieces, which broke off during impact and tension testing. These small parts present a choking hazard to young children.

The nine different styles of painted and natural wood trucks involved in this recall are approximately 5 1/2 inches long and 2 inches wide with a permanently attached driver figurine. The natural wood trucks come packaged either shrink-wrapped or in a blue cardboard box labeled, "Wood Toy ... Engineering Truck...Made in China." The painted trucks only come packaged in shrink-wrap. All nine styles have a small gold decal on the underside that reads, "Made in China."

The natural wood four-wheeled construction trucks come in six styles: truck with a crane, truck with a ladder, cement truck, dump truck, dump truck with body on a swivel, and a truck with roller on back. All of these natural wood vehicles are covered with a clear varnish finish and contain a small figurine in the driver's seat.

The painted wooden trucks come in three different styles. All three styles have four red wheels, two red head lights, with cabs hauling either a multi-colored abacus, a set of six moveable discs in different colors, or six natural-colored discs painted with math signs and numerals. Dollar Tree Stores Inc. sold these trucks nationwide at Dollar Tree stores from July to December 1994 for $1.00 each.

Consumers are urged to take the vehicles away from young children immediately and return them to the Dollar Tree store where purchased for a full refund. Consumers who have questions about this recall can contact Dollar Tree Stores Inc. at (804) 857-5884.

CPSC and Dollar Tree Stores Inc. are not aware of any injuries involving these toy trucks; this recall is being conducted to prevent the possibility of injury.

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