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Seguridad en cuatrimoto (ATV): no se permiten niños pequeños |

Skip to main content. Languages. 简体中文; English; Bahasa Indonesia; 한국어;
Español; ภาษาไทย; Tiếng Việt. Text Size: Decrease Font Increase Font ... - 38k - Cached

[PDF] Children's Crayons CPSC Staff Report on Asbestos Fibers in Children's Crayons

Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9.
Page 10. Page 11. Page 12. Page 13. Page 14. Page 15. Page 16. Page ... - 12k - Text Version

[PDF] Children's Gasoline Burn Prevention Act of 2008 - Reported Incidents of Interactions by Children Under Five ...

... associated with children under 5 interacting with gas cans over the combined
nine-year period (2003-2011), the child or children interacting with ... - 219k - Text Version

Nearly 140 Tragic Child Drownings In Pools and Spas Reported By Media In Summer 2012 |

Nearly 140 Tragic Child Drownings In Pools and Spas Reported By Media In Summer 2012 - 48k - Cached

Children's Product Certificate (CPC) |

Manufacturers and importers of children’s products must certify, in a written Children’s Product Certificate (CPC) based on test results from a CPSC-accepted laboratory, that their children’s products comply with applicable children’s product safety rules.   The CPC and supporting test reports must be in English. - 55k - Cached

[PDF] Age Determination Guidelines: Relating Children's Ages to Toy Characteristics and Play Behavior

... That document merged information on child development (for children under
12 years of age) and toy characteristics so the staff could ... - 1444k - Text Version

Small Parts for Toys and Children's Products Business Guidance |

What is the purpose of a small parts regulation? This regulation prevents deaths and injuries to children under three from choking on, inhaling, or swallowing small objects they may “mouth”. It bans toys and other articles that are intended for use by children under three and that are or have small parts, or that produce small parts when broken. - 48k - Cached

[PDF] CPSC Publication 5062 - Children Should Not Move or Play With Mobile Folding Tables

... Typically, two children were moving the table, one child pulling and the other
pushing. The child pulling was the one injured or killed. ... - 7k - Text Version

Children's Sleepwear Regulations |

What is the purpose of the children’s sleepwear flammability standards? To protect children from burns, these rules require that children’s sleepwear must be flame resistant and self-extinguish if a flame from a candle, match, lighter or a similar item causes it to catch fire. The rules cover all children’s sleepwear above size 9 months and up to size 14 and require that   (1) the fabric and garments must pass certain flammability tests; or - 52k - Cached

Phthalates |

... Children's Product-Specific FAQs. Does the packaging for child care articles
and children's toys need to comply with the ban on phthalates? ... - 66k - Cached

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