August 27, 1997


Release # 97-177


WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Duracraft Corp. of Southborough, Mass., is recalling about 50,000 portable baseboard heaters. The fan of the model CZ-520 heater could become stuck causing it to overheat, posing a fire hazard.

Duracraft has received 20 reports of these units overheating, producing smoke or causing fire, and resulting in minor property damage. Duracraft is not aware of any injuries involving the heater.

The model CZ-520 Space SaverTM Baseboard Heater's exterior housing is constructed of white thermoplastic and a black steel grill, and has two heating control knobs on the right side -- a power switch and a regulating thermostat. The electric heater measures 22 inches long, 6 inches wide and 4? inches high, and tilts to various angles on its hinged stand. The word "Duracraft" is written in gray on the top, right side of the unit. The model number, CZ-520, is located under the words "Made in China" on a silver sticker on the bottom of the heater. This model heater was manufactured in 1995. Only date codes that begin with "95" are involved in this recall. The date code can be found on a small white sticker on the bottom of the heater with "DATE" written on it.

Major department stores and home centers sold the heaters nationwide from September 1995 through March 1996 for about $60.

Consumers should stop using these heaters immediately, even if it seems to be functioning properly. Consumers should call Duracraft toll-free at (800) 431-2165 anytime for information on receiving a free replacement heater, or write to Duracraft Corporation at 250 Turnpike Road, Southborough, MA 01772.

Duracraft Baseboard Heater


Company Phone Number: (800) 470-4477 

April 14, 1999


Release # 99-096

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Calvin Klein Cosmetics Co., of New York, N.Y., is voluntarily recalling approximately 35,000 fragranced candles housed in tin containers sold in the U.S. These candles can burn with a higher than normal flame, posing a potential fire hazard.

Calvin Klein Cosmetics is aware of eight reports from consumers of the candles burning with a high flame, resulting in one minor burn injury.

These candles were available in two sizes - 2.25 inches high and 1.5 inches high. The large candles were sold separately and in gift sets, while the small candles were given away as samples, gifts with purchases and included in gift sets. The following chart lists the fragrance name written on each candle, and the color of the tin and box.

Small Tin Containers

FragranceTin ColorBox Color
"OBSESSION for men"
Cream or Gold-tone Cream
"ETERNITY" Silver-tone White
"ETERNITY for men" Silver-tone Dark Gray
"ESCAPE" and
"ESCAPE for men"
Silver-tone Parchment
"CONTRADICTION" Silver-tone Silver-tone

Large Tin Containers

FragranceTin ColorBox Color
"CK ONE" Silver-tone/khaki label No Box
"CK BE" Black No Box

Major department and specialty stores nationwide sold these candles from July 1998 through April 1999.

Consumers should stop using these candles immediately, and return them to the store where purchased. For more information, consumers should call Calvin Klein Cosmetics at (800) 470-4477 anytime.



August 26, 1997


Release # 97-174


WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Rotarex Inc. of Mt. Pleasant, Pa., and Worthington Cylinder Corp. of Columbus, Ohio, are recalling about 6,000 Worthington gas grill cylinders to repair their valves. The valve handles on these cylinders can loosen and separate from the rest of the valve and cylinder, releasing propane vapors. The vapors could catch on fire or explode if ignited, and if the vapors contact skin, consumers could suffer a freeze burn or frostbite.

CPSC, Rotarex and Worthington are not aware of any injuries involving these gas grill cylinders. This recall is being conducted to prevent the possibility of injury.

The Worthington 20 pound gas grill cylinder involved in this recall has the following four markings: "WCW" on the top of the cylinder's handle, "07-97" on the outside of the cylinder's handle, three stars in a triangular formation on the neck of the cylinder valve, which is underneath the hand wheel, and serial numbers from 3632601F through 3671600F on the inside of the cylinder's handle.

If consumers have purchased or exchanged gas grill cylinders since July 15, 1997, they should check the cylinders to determine if they are involved in this recall. These cylinders cost about $27. Consumers should stop using the recalled cylinders immediately and call Rotarex at (800) 325-5721 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. EDT Monday through Friday for information on having the cylinder repaired or replaced. Consumers should not attempt to disconnect the valve or turn the cylinder's handle, and consumers should remove all ignition sources from the area around the grill. Additionally, if consumers smell gas or hear a gas leak, they should immediately call the fire department.

Valve on Gas Grill Cylinders

Note: Telephone number change.


Company Phone Number: 516-683-6000 

November 30, 2000

Company Media Contact: Wendy Fine, (516) 683-6000 Ext. 226

Release # 01-043


WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Lifetime Hoan Corp., of Westbury, N.Y., is voluntarily recalling about 132,000 fondue sets to replace their burners. Some sets have alcohol burners that can produce high flames beyond the intended-cooking surface of the fondue pot. Another set, which uses chafing fuel, is being recalled because the chafing fuel holder could tip as it burns down. Both problems present potential fire and burn hazards to consumers.

CPSC and Lifetime Hoan Corp. have received eight reports of burners producing high flames. No injuries or property damage has been reported.

The fondue sets were sold under the brand names Farberware® (model nos. 86600 (two styles), 86700, 86702 and 76743) and Roshco® (model no. 58903). The model number is on the box, not on the fondue set. The brand name is found on the box. The fondue sets are stainless steel and include various components, including a fondue pot, burner, and fondue forks. Only the burners sold with these fondue sets are being recalled, not the entire fondue sets. Lifetime Hoan Corp. will help consumers identify if their burner is recalled.

Department, kitchen and home stores nationwide sold the fondue sets from June 1999 through October 2000 for about $20.

Consumers should stop using the burners immediately and contact the company to find out how to dispose of the burners. Consumers with recalled alcohol burners will be sent a $4 coupon toward the purchase of Sterno® canned chafing fuel. Consumers with recalled chafing fuel holders (model 86702 only) will be sent a new chafing fuel holder. Consumers should contact Lifetime Hoan Corp. at 516-683-6000.

Consumers also can e-mail to fondue@lifetime.hoan.com or write to Lifetime Hoan Corp., P.O. Box 1854, Westbury, NY 11590.

No other fondue set is involved in this recall.
Picture of Fondue Sets

Note: New firm responsible for heat detector replacement, Phone number change.


Company Phone Number: (800) 854-6185

April 8, 1999


Release # 99-092

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Interstate Engineering, of Dallas, Texas, voluntarily recalled about 40,000 heat detectors. These heat detectors can fail to alarm or alarm for a shorter period of time than intended when fire is present.

Interstate Engineering and CPSC are aware of one incident when a heat detector failed to operate properly during a retail demonstration. Subsequent testing by Interstate Engineering produced approximately 38 additional failures. CPSC is not aware of any failures during use by consumers, and no injuries have been reported.

The heat detectors are round, have an off-white aluminum cover, are roughly 7 inches in diameter and 3 inches high, and have a round, brass-colored metal disk at the center of the cover. They are mechanical, and do not use batteries or electricity. The heat detectors were sold under the following private label brand names and models, which were printed on labels on the back of the detectors:

- MasterGuard model MG-50/70;

- Responsive model TRI70;

- Rescue II model R-50FT

The recalled heat detectors have the following serial numbers on the label that is beneath the removable mounting bracket on the back of each unit: 980400001 through 981108112.

These heat detectors were sold nationwide primarily through in-home demonstrations and sales parties from May 1998 through December 1998 for about $225 or higher. Prices were determined by Interstate Engineering's private label resellers.

Consumers should stop using these heat detectors immediately and call Tri Star Enterprises at (800) 854-6185 for a free replacement.

Heat detectors are intended to supplement smoke detectors to warn of fire, but CPSC reminds consumers they should not rely on heat detectors as substitutes for smoke detectors.

Picture of Recalled Heat Detector


November 12, 2003

Alert #04-509


The following product safety recall was conducted voluntarily by the firm in cooperation with the CPSC. Consumers should stop using the product immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.

Name of Product: Magnum, Trail Boss and ATP model all-terrain vehicles (ATVs)

Units: 14,000

Manufacturer: Polaris Industries Inc., of Minneapolis, Minn.

Hazard: Damage to the fuel tank grommet can cause a fuel leak, posing a serious fire hazard to consumers.

Incidents/Injuries: Polaris has received 265 reports of fuel leaks, including one report of a fire that damaged an ATV. No injuries have been reported.

Description: The recall involves the Polaris model year 2003 and 2004 Magnum 330 4x4 and Magnum 330 Mossy Oak ATVs and model year 2004 Magnum 330 2x4, Trail Boss 330, ATP 330, and ATP 500 ATVs. The recalled ATVs have the following model numbers, which can be found on the certification decal located on the front center body panel: A03CD32(AA)(AC), A04CD32(AA)(AB)(AC), A04CB32(AA)(FC), A04CA32(AA)(AB), A04JD32AA, and A04JD50(AA)(AB)(CA). The name "Polaris" is prominently displayed on the right and left side of the seat and/or on the side body panels.

Sold At: Authorized Polaris dealers nationwide sold the ATVs from February 2003 through October 2003 for between $3,500 and $6,500.

Manufactured In: United States

Remedy: Consumers should stop using these ATVs immediately. Polaris will notify all consumers with the recalled models and will arrange for a free repair from their dealership or an authorized service center.

Consumer Contact: Consumers can contact Polaris at (800) POLARIS between 8 a.m. and 12 midnight ET Monday through Sunday.or log on to their Web site at www.polarisindustries.compicture of recalled atvpicture of recalled atvpicture of recalled atv

November 16, 2001
Release # 02-043
Recall Hotline: (866) 284-8872
CPSC Media Contact: (301) 504-7908 


WASHINGTON, D.C.- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), WCI Outdoor Products, of Cleveland, Ohio, is voluntarily recalling about 35,000 lawn tractors to replace their 2-gallon fuel tanks. The tank in the lawn tractor can crack and leak fuel, posing a fire hazard.

WCI has received 76 reports of the fuel tanks on these lawn tractors cracking. No injuries have been reported.

The recall involves lawn tractors sold under the brand names Poulan Pro, WEED EATER, Husqvarna and Jonsered. They have the manufacture ID number and serial date codes listed below, located under the tractor seat on the fender.

MFG. ID Number
Service Repair Center
 Poulan Pro PR1742ST(A)(B)(C)(D)



 (800) 849-1297


 (800) 358-1097


 (800) 849-1297

 Husqvarna YTH1542(A)(B)(C)

 (800) 438-7297

 Jonsered JNA1542(A)
 (877) 693-7729

Department, home and hardware stores, including authorized dealerships of the brand names listed, sold the recalled tractors from November 2000 through September 2001 for between $1,000 and $2,000.

Consumers should stop using these lawn tractors immediately and contact the appropriate service center listed above for a free repair. For more information, call WCI Outdoor Products Inc toll-free at (866) 284-8872 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

Picture of Recalled Tractor

Picture of Recalled Tractor

Picture of Recalled Tractor

Picture of Recalled Tractor

February 16, 2000
Release # 00-069
Company Phone Number: (877) 317-9237
CPSC Consumer Hotline: (800) 638-2772
CPSC Media Contact: Ken Giles, (301) 504-7052

CPSC, TSI Prime Inc. Announce Recall of Ceiling Light Fixtures

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), TSI Prime Inc., of Coppell, Texas, is voluntarily recalling about 126,000 ceiling-mounted light fixtures. The light fixtures can short circuit, posing a fire hazard.

TSI Prime has received three reports of these light fixtures short circuiting, resulting in scorch marks on ceilings. No injuries have been reported.

The recall involves a four-bulb, flush-mount ceiling light fixture. The fixture has an eight-sided glass and brass enclosure. A sticker on the fixture near the base of one of the light sockets reads, "MADE IN CHINA," and "E181045." If the light fixture has the E181045 number, call TSI Prime for information to determine if it is part of the recall.

Wal-Mart and Lowe's stores nationwide sold the light fixtures for between $16 and $25. Wal-Mart sold the fixtures individually packaged from February 1998 through March 1999. Lowe's sold the fixtures in two- packs from January 1998 through January 2000.

Consumers should stop using these lights immediately, and call TSI Prime to arrange for a free replacement. For more information, call TSI Prime toll-free at (877) 317-9237 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday.

Recalled Ceiling Light Fixture

November 13, 2001
Release #02-037
Battery Hotline: (877) 475-3425
CPSC Media Contact: Scott Wolfson, (301) 504-7051


WASHINGTON, D.C.- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Bizcom Electronics Inc., of Milpitas, Calif., Sceptre Technologies Inc., of City of Industry, Calif., and Systemax Inc. of Port Washington, N.Y., are voluntarily recalling about 13,000 batteries sold with notebook-style personal computers and individually. These batteries can overcharge during re-charging, causing them to overheat, smoke and possibly catch fire.

The firms have received two reports of minor property damage from the batteries overheating, smoking or catching fire in notebook computers sold to consumers. No injuries have been reported.

The recalled batteries were sold individually and with notebook computers under the following brand names and model numbers:


Model Numbers:

ARM TS30W2 and N38W2


ChemBook 3015E

HyperData MediaGo 2320
Jetta Jetbook 9120
MPC MPC Nomand 1500
PC-Club ENP-325W2
Sceptre Soundx 6600 and 6900
Systemax SW-14, SW-15 and Ultra


"RECHARGEABLE BATTERY" is printed on the top of the batteries. A label on the side of the recalled battery contains two sets of numbers. The first set must be "00." The second set must be either "99" or a number less than 52. Also, the letter "P" must be printed at the end of the first line on the label. "MADE IN JAPAN" also is written on the label.

The firms listed in the chart sold these notebook computers (and individual batteries) nationwide primarily by mail order and on their web sites from October 1999 through October 2001 for between $1,800 to $2,500.

Consumers should stop using these rechargeable batteries immediately and call (877) 475-3425 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. CT Monday through Friday, or go to the firm's recall web site at www.regcen.com to order a free replacement battery.

Picture of Recalled Battery

Picture of Recalled Battery


February 8, 2000

Release # 00-064

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and various distributors, are announcing the recall of more than 136,000 cans of "FIRE CAP" brand fire and smoke suppressant. The product does not suppress fires and could intensify fires. The product was manufactured by The Colbra Group, which is out of business.

CPSC is not aware of any incidents or injuries with this product. This recall is being conducted to help prevent injuries.

The 16-ounce aerosol cans are red, orange, yellow, black and white with a red plastic cap and red aerosol button. Wording on the front of the can reads in part, "FIRE CAP...FIRE and SMOKE SUPPRESSANT." "FOR USE ON SMALL SPOT FIRES..." is on the back of the can along with drawings of the product being used on a trash can fire, a stove fire, a car fire and a camp fire. "Manufactured by the Colbra Group" is written on the back of the can.

Snap-On Tools dealers, Home Shopping Network, and direct market distributors, including Mid-State Fire Systems, and Contract Filling Inc., sold the product nationwide from February 1996 through September 1999 for about $10.

Consumers should stop using this product immediately. Consumers should either throw out the can or return it to the place where purchased for a full refund. Consumers should call CPSC's toll-free hotline at (800) 638-2772 for instructions on returning the product to the place of purchase.

Fire Cap Fire and Smoke Suppressant