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Contest, Contest, Read All About It!

Calling all middle schoolers! CPSC is hosting a poster contest on carbon monoxide safety.

Carbon monoxide is called the “invisible killer.” That’s because it’s a gas that you can’t see or smell and it can kill its victims quickly. It gets into homes from:

  • Running a portable generator in an enclosed space, basement or living area
  • Running a car in an attached garage
  • Poorly operating fuel-burning appliances or faulty ventilation
  • Burning charcoal inside your home
  • To help raise awareness about the dangers of carbon monoxide, or CO, in homes, CPSC wants middle schoolers to create a poster and try to WIN prize money. The contest is open to students in grades 6, 7 and 8. Nine of them (3 from each grade) will be chosen to win $250. A grand finalist from the group will receive an additional grand prize of $500.

    Each year more than 150 people in the U.S. die from accidental non-fire CO poisoning associated with consumer products and that number is on the rise. The winning poster will be used in CPSC’s outreach to get the word out about this danger.

    So, don’t delay. Get your middle schooler involved. All the details are right on CPSC’s contest page at http://www.challenge.gov/cpsc. Once your middle schooler has drawn the poster, submit it on our contest site. Posters will be judged on the clarity of the CO message, visual appeal and originality. Be sure to support the challenge and share it with all your friends. And check back to the contest page often. We’ll be showing you the posters as they arrive.

(Read the transcript, or watch in Windows Media format.)

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The Dry Max Review

Scientists and safety experts at CPSC and Health Canada have reviewed consumer safety reports involving Pampers Dry Max Diapers. About 4,700 of you sent diaper comments to CPSC from April 11 through August 30, 2010. Almost 85 percent were in May, when CPSC announced that it was investigating. The comments talked about Dry Max and other diaper issues.

We care about the health and well being of babies and take the reports submitted to us very seriously. Yet thus far, the diaper research done in the U.S. and Canada has not identified a specific cause linking the complaints from parents and caregivers to the Dry Max diapers. CPSC and Health Canada looked at the materials used to make the diapers, how the diapers were constructed and heat and moisture issues with diapers. They evaluated relevant diaper data. Plus, they studied the results of Proctor and Gamble’s diaper testing.

CPSC staff believes that some babies may be more prone to developing a rash or other skin problems from this or other products.

As many parents know, diaper rash is a common occurrence. Most babies get at least one diaper rash in their lifetime.

If you believe that your child is suffering from a diaper rash that you think is related to the diaper, we recommend that you stop using the diaper and contact your pediatrician.

If you continue to have problems with this or any other baby product, definitely let us know. The more details you give, the better.

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This address for this post is: http://www.cpsc.gov/onsafety/2010/09/the-dry-max-review/