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CPSC Consumer Ombudsman

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CPSC’s Consumer Ombudsman is dedicated to helping the public understand how the CPSC works. We know that the regulatory process can seem complicated and opaque, and consumers may need help understanding the work of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and how that work relates to their own lives. Whether you want to learn more about CPSC’s procedures, get help understanding CPSC’s scientific research or safety requirements, or are interacting with the agency as an advocate or victim, the Consumer Ombudsman may be able to help. We have highlighted some resources below that can get you started, and we look forward to hearing from you if you need additional assistance.

The Consumer Ombudsman’s mission is to:

  1. Provide an agency perspective to consumers and a consumer perspective to the agency;
  2. Explain agency processes, procedures, scientific principles, and technical information to consumers in plain language;
  3. Ensure that consumer voices are represented within agency processes;
  4. Serve as an educator and advisor for individual consumers and consumer organizations;
  5. Build relationships with consumers to enhance consumer engagement and the agency’s mission.


The Consumer Ombudsman is based in the Office of the Executive Director (OEX), reporting to the Deputy Executive Director for Outreach. The Consumer Ombudsman acts as a liaison between consumers and the CPSC, helping to provide information and transparency about the regulatory process. The Consumer Ombudsman can also serve as an educator for consumers wishing to become more involved in the regulatory process, and as a guide for victims who wish to collaborate with the agency on specific product concerns. The Consumer Ombudsman also works closely with the Voluntary Standards Coordinator to identify consumers who can participate in the voluntary standards development process. The Consumer Ombudsman is not a political position. 

CPSC Org Chart

The Consumer Ombudsman does not:

  • provide legal notice, counsel, or determinations of any kind; 
  • set or delay any agency deadlines; 
  • make agency decisions; 
  • create or authorize agency policies, priorities, or activities; 
  • modify or interfere with any laws, regulations, related policies, practices, or procedures followed or enforced by the CPSC; 
  • disclose or discuss any enforcement matters that are under investigation, in litigation, the subject of civil penalty investigation, or any other pre-litigation or litigation proceedings;
  • disclose or discuss any human resource matters.


CPSC has many online resources to help keep the public informed about agency activities


Report an Unsafe Product

If you think you’ve found an unsafe product, or would like to know whether anyone has been injured by a product before you buy, head to is a publicly searchable database, where you can report to the CPSC about an injury or harm, or a risk of injury or harm, related to a consumer product or substance within the CPSC.’s jurisdiction. The CPSC addresses a wide range of consumer products, including appliances, toys, clothing, ATVs, and more. Products that are not under CPSC’s jurisdiction can be found here:

CPSC's Jurisdiction



Recent Consumer Product Recalls

Recalls are the public announcement of a hazardous or defective product. Recall notices let you know the options provided by the manufacturer—a repair, refund, or replacement—to get unsafe products out of your home and help prevent injuries or deaths. Subscribe to email notifications in specific categories of products that are of interest to you.

CPSC Recalls



Safety Education Information

CPSC’s Safety Education materials provide the information you need to avoid injuries or deaths associated with consumer products.



Research and Statistics

The epidemiologists and other scientists at CPSC provide informative summaries of what we know about various common hazards, like drownings, falls, fires, off-highway vehicle accidents, sports-related injuries, nursery product incidents, and poisonings.

These data are available in completed reports or as raw data through CPSC’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System which is the primary resource for predicting injury rates associated with consumer products.

Research and Statistics



Voluntary Standards

Voluntary standards bring together industry experts, government agencies, and consumers to develop the best safety practices for manufacturing products that we use every day. Consumers are always needed to help develop safety standards. Learn more about how you can participate in the voluntary standards process.

FAQ: Proposing Changes to Voluntary Standards
FAQ: Voting Options in Standards Development



Regulations Open for Comment

The Commission considers all points of view when issuing new regulations, and you have the right to make a comment on the proposed regulations. You can read the proposals and make comments by following the link below.

Rules and Proposed Rules on

FAQ: Consumers Making a Petition for Rulemaking


Airsoft Guns FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding airsoft gun regulations; tailored for consumers.

View Airsoft Gun Regulations: Frequently Asked Questions for Airsoft Players



Upcoming Events

The CPSC’s Public Calendar lists upcoming meetings, briefings, and hearings before the Commission and CPSC staff. 

Public Calendar 


If these resources have not answered your questions, you can send a message to CPSC's Consumer Ombudsman for more assistance.

Use the form below to send a message to the CPSC’s Consumer Ombudsman. 
All fields are optional, except for the anti-spam provision. Any personal information that you provide is used only to respond to your message. It will not be disclosed outside of the agency without your explicit permission. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information. 

Additional Contact Information:


Phone: 301-504-8120

Mail:  Consumer Ombudsman


4330 East-West Highway

Room 801

Bethesda, MD  20814




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