Every American employer must recognize the importance of balancing work life with the demands of life outside work. At CPSC, this is the way we work.

By starting a CPSC career, you are giving yourself an amazing opportunity for growth, as well as the chance to contribute to the development of the American workforce. You also will be fulfilling the most worthwhile mission: Saving Lives and Keeping Families Safe!

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  • No Fear Act Notice

    On May 15, 2002, Congress enacted the ``Notification and Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002,'' which is now known as the No FEAR Act. One purpose of the Act is to ``require that Federal agencies be accountable for violations of antidiscrimination and whistleblower protection laws.'' Pub. L. 107-174, Summary. In support of this purpose, Congress found that ``agencies cannot be run effectively if those agencies practice or tolerate discrimination.'' Pub. L. 107-74, Title I, General Provisions, Section 101(1).
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  • Working for the Federal Government

    If you have never worked for the Federal Government, it is important that you take a few minutes and read this information. If you have worked for the Federal Government and have been away for a while or are a current Federal employee, you should also review this information because a number of rules and procedures have changed.

  • Processing Requests for Reasonable Accommodation

    U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Directives System Order No. 0980.3 Equal Employment Opportunity – Processing Requests for Reasonable Accommodation