Commission Meeting: Commission Agenda and Priorities for FY 2015 and FY 2016

July 24, 2014
CPSC Commissioners hear stakeholder presentations concerning the Commission’s agenda and priorities for fiscal years 2015 and 2016.
Commission Meeting: Briefing on Infant Sling Carriers - Proposed Rule (Section 104)

June 25, 2014
CPSC staff briefs Commissioners on Infant Sling Carriers - Proposed Rule (Section 104)
Commission Meeting: Decisional Matter - FY 2014 Midyear Review and Proposed Operating Plan Adjustments

May 06, 2014
CPSC Commissioners discuss with staff operating plan adjustments.
Commission Meeting: Briefing on Frame Child Carriers - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

April 30, 2014
CPSC staff briefs Commissioners on frame child carriers, notice of proposed rulemaking.
Commission Meeting: Decisional Matter on Section 1101 Update 6(b) Notice of Proposed Rule

February 12, 2014
CPSC Commissioners vote on section 1101 update 6(b) notice of proposed rule.
Commission Meeting: Infant Strollers Final Rule

February 06, 2014
CPSC staff briefs the Commission on the draft final rule for infant strollers final rule.
Commission Meeting: Section 1101 Update 6(b) - Proposed Rule

January 24, 2014
CPSC Staff briefs the Commissioners on Section 1101 Update 6(b) - Proposed Rule.
Commission Meeting: Bedside Sleepers Final Rule

December 18, 2013
Staff briefs the Commission on bedside sleepers section 104 final rule.
Commission Meeting: Decision on Fiscal Year 2014 Operating Plan

November 20, 2013
CPSC staff requests Commission approval of the FY 2014 Operating Plan.
Commission Meeting: Voluntary Recall Notice Proposed Rule Decision

November 13, 2013
CPSC commissioners and staff discuss the voluntary recall notice of proposed rulemaking. The Commission voted to publish the proposed rule in the Federal Register.