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Decorative Christmas Light Bulbs Recalled

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Recall Date:
January 03, 1978

Recall Details

January 3, 1978  
Release # 78-001

WASHINGTON, DC (Jan. 3) -- Le Gran Imports, Long Beach, California, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) today announced that Le Gran Imports is voluntarily withdrawing from sale certain imported Christmas light replacement bulbs which were made in Taiwan.

The Commission staff discovered a defect in some of the bulbs which could create a fire or shock hazard when electrical current is first applied. The defect is a thin strand of wire approximately l/4" in length or longer, which may protrude from the side of the bulb base or from the solder tip at the base of the bulb.

Consumers who may have purchased these replacement bulbs are urged to immediately inspect them to see if a thin strand of wire is protruding from the side of the bulb base or from the solder tip at the base of the bulb. If a protruding wire is present, the bulb is defective and should not be used. The consumer should return the defective bulbs to the place of purchase for exchange or refund.

The bulbs subject to the defect are identified on the package as Item No. LC-7005P size 7 l/2. The words "Christmas Lamps" and the name "Le Gran Imports" also appear on the package. The bulbs, sold five to a package, retailed for approximately $.75? or less and were sold nationwide.

Le Gran Imports and the Commission warn that other distributors may have imported these same bulbs from Taiwan and may be selling them under different brand names. The consumer is cautioned to inspect all such replacement light bulbs before installing them in decorative lighting fixtures.

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