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Organization Chart

  1. Commissioner
    Peter A. Feldman
    1. Chief Counsel
      Nicole Brightbill
    1. Counsel
      Thomas Fuller
    1. Senior Advisor
      John Mitchell
  2. Commissioner
    Douglas Dziak
    1. Senior Advisor
      Dana Smullen
  3. Commissioner
    Richard Trumka Jr.
    1. Special Counsel
      Robin Lipp
    2. Special Counsel
      Kaiwon Tresvant
    1. Executive Assistant
      Isabella Maxey
  4. Commissioner
    Mary T. Boyle
    1. Chief Counsel
      Eva Caldera
  5. Chair
    Alexander Hoehn-Saric
    1. Chief of Staff
      Jana Fong-Swamidoss
    1. Deputy Chief of Staff
      Anna Laitin
    1. Senior Policy Counsel
      Michele Viterise
    1. Administrative Director
      Annie Campbell
    1. Office of Communications
    2. Director
      Pamela Rucker Springs
    1. Office of Legislative Affairs
    2. Director of OLA
      Matt Alpert
    1. Office of Inspector General
    2. Inspector General
      Christopher Dentel
    1. Office of Executive Director
    2. Executive Director
      Austin Schlick
    3. Office of Executive Director
      1. Deputy Executive Director for Safety Operations
        DeWane Ray
      2. Office of Compliance & Field Operations
        1. Assistant Executive Director
          Robert Kaye
      3. Office of Import Surveillance
        1. Director
          Jim Joholske
      4. Office of Hazard Identification & Reduction
        1. Assistant Executive Director
          Duane Boniface
    4. Office of Executive Director
      1. Deputy Executive Director for Operations Support
        Annette Evans
      2. Office of Human Resources Management
        1. Director
          Lyvette Wallace
      3. Office of Financial Management, Planning, & Evaluation
        1. Chief Financial Officer
          James Baker
      4. Office of Information & Technology Services
        1. Assistant Executive Director and CIO
          Bryan Burnett
      1. Office of Facilities Services
      2. Director
        Mark Oemler
    5. Office of Executive Director
      1. Deputy Executive Director for Outreach
        Monica Summitt
      2. Office of International Programs
        1. Director
          Richard O’Brien
        1. Small Business Ombudsman
        2. Will Cusey
        1. Consumer Ombudsman
        2. Jonathan Midgett
    1. Office of EEO, Diversity & Inclusion
    2. Director
      Brittany Woolfolk
    1. Office of General Counsel
    2. General Counsel
      Jessica Rich
    3. Office of the Secretary
      1. Secretary
        Alberta Mills
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