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Recall Complaint Form

If you are experiencing issues with a recall remedy or believe a company is being non-responsive to your remedy request, please use the form below and explain the situation to CPSC.


OMB Control No. 3041-0148, Expiration Date 12/31/2026

If you're having a hard time obtaining a recall remedy, it's important for CPSC to hear from you. We may use these reports to: identify trends, determine whether a company is meeting its recall commitments, and/or determine whether the recall requires a company to take additional actions. The information you provide will also help CPSC improve future recalls. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience.

Here are a few additional things to remember about recalls and receiving your recall remedy:

  1. Make sure your specific product is a part of the recall. Recalls sometimes affect only specific batches of a product and not the entire product line. Pay close attention to model numbers and the product information in the recall notice to make sure your product is part of the recall.
  2. Make sure you have submitted correct and complete information about the product. Closely follow all instructions, including providing any documentation requested. This may include sending photos to prove that you have destroyed or disabled the product, i.e. cut off the power cord.
  3. Be mindful of response time. Both large and small companies sometimes struggle to respond to recalls in a timely manner. Continue to contact the company until you receive a response.
  4. Understand the recall remedy offered. Companies have negotiated their recall remedies with CPSC staff and voluntarily agreed to offer these remedies. CPSC staff does not negotiate on behalf of individual consumers to try to get a higher refund or a different remedy.

If your product is not part of the recall, but you believe the product is hazardous, please let CPSC know by reporting it to

Report an unsafe product